View Guard Security Doors

1. The View Guard looks like a screen door but is actually high tensile strength stainless steel woven into a fine mesh. It provides secure protection and gives you a clear view of the outdoors without compromising the style or appearance of your home. A security screen door that no bars and no busy designs, a simple looking outer frame with a specialized stainless steel mesh!

2.  View Guard Benefits; REST EASY Now you can let the cool breeze in and keep intruders out without compromising the appearance of your home. Finally you can experience total security without resorting to bars or unsightly steel grills.  HIGHER SECURITY,  These security screen doors incorporate the latest advances in high tensile strength materials and construction. GREATER AIRFLOW Stainless steel marine grade mesh screen optimizes airflow, and maximizes security. Strength and beauty in perfect harmony.  SAVE ENERGY – FEEL SAFE Opening your door in the evening reduces air conditioning costs in hot weather.  SUPERIOR STYLE Compare our screen doors with anything else on the market today, and we think you’ll agree. COLORS AVAILABLE Bronze anodized or white thermal setting polyester. FRENCH DOOR OPTION These security screen doors are also available with a French Door kit for double doors.FD Bronze 2

The Viewguard security door is the top of the line security door. Full customizable, with a handsome frame surround, this door takes a traditional lock set to match the rest of your doors. The Viewguard door offers beauty, simplicity, and above all, absolute security.

  • Stainless Steel Mesh: Made from marine grade stainless steel, the mesh offers corrosion resistance, and is integrated into the heavy duty aluminum door frame with a PVC clamp that prevents galvanic deterioration
  • High Tensile Strength Aluminum Extruded Frame: Manufactured from 6063-TS architectural grade metal and engineered using 50% thicker material than other manufacturer’s steel doors. Extruded aluminum corners lock the frame together using eight stainless steel screws
  • Virtually Pick Proof: This security screen door are fitted with an integral cover that prevents entry. Optional locksets and deadbolts may be purchased separately to match the existing prime door lock
  • Double Door Option: The Viewguard is also available in a “French Door” option
  • Ventilation and Visibility: Feel safe and secure leaving your front door open at night
  • Screening: 316 Series Stainless Steel, .032 wire diameter woven in a 12 x 12 mesh & epoxy coated for additional corrosion protection.
  • Hardware: Hardware shall be aluminum, stainless steel, or other non-corrosive material compatible with aluminum.
  • Finishes: Bronze Anodized, White Paint. Additional color choices are available. Note: The stainless steel security mesh can NOT be painted. Call for pricing. 





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